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In the 12 years that influencer Jade Marie, also known as @jadeywadey180, has been in the beauty space, she’s done a 180 in her beauty practices, changing her social media content from the high-glamour makeup space to leaning into holistic skin care and mindfulness.

“A couple of years ago I was heavily in the makeup world and it was all about glamour, contour and coverage, and I just felt like I wasn’t being true and authentic to who I am,” she explained. “I kind of stripped away the layers and I got back to my skin care roots and started my YouTube series called ‘Complexions by Jade.’ I came back to my truest self, which I think is the healer, someone that truly loves skin care and healing through skin care.”

This change in her social media strategy has resonated with her followers. Marie’s following includes 671,000 YouTube subscribers and 1.2 million Instagram followers.

Marie first got her start in the beauty space as an esthetician, working at a holistic spa in San Diego after getting her license where she learned about Ayurvedic practices. She then worked at a medical spa where she got experience with more pharmaceutical practices, which inspired her to combine the pharmaceutical and holistic worlds in her own practices.

She later moved to Los Angeles where her blog and social media gained a steady following within the makeup space. She changed her social media strategy to holistic skin care and mindfulness because it felt more authentic to herself and the content resonated with her followers.

“I basically teach my followers all about the best products in the industry,” she said. “I dissect them down to their ingredients. I talk about tools and the most innovative things coming out in the beauty space.”

Marie’s content is centered on her “Complexions by Jade” YouTube series where she talks about different skin care concerns and gives insight into how to address them with products, tools and skin care practices. She also uses this series to talk about mental health and other wellness topics.

As a way to engage her followers, Marie also chooses one follower a week to experience her signature facial where she addresses their skin care concerns and helps them create a routine that suits their needs.

Through her skin care videos, Marie has also landed in the ASMR beauty space, which is a phenomenon, particularly on TikTok, where beauty influencers create makeup or skin care videos that include satisfying sounds and visuals that are meant to relax the viewer.

“When I got into that, it was really just a joke to be honest,” she explained. “I tried it once and it really resonated with my followers. I didn’t realize how much it actually promotes calmness and it’s just a really relaxing space. I know some people can think it’s kind of weird, but it’s a whole world in itself. Every video that I put out is ASMR, but I like to call it ‘spa-SMR,’ so it has sounds of spas, like they hear the sounds of instruments and the water and it brings them in and helps them feel like they’re getting the treatment.”

Marie has partnered with several brands for her “Complexions by Jade” series and ASMR beauty videos, including Sonage, which tapped the influencer for the launch of its Baby Frioz facial massage tool, as well as Ole Henriksen, Allies of Skin, Dermaflash, Kosas and others.

“My followers, they come to me because they know that whatever ends up on my page is Complexions approved,” she said about the brands she partners with. “It’s kind of my stamp of approval. If I’m just doing one-off [partnerships], then it feels like an ad, so I really like to have a closer relationship with my partners. I like to get to know them on an actual friendly level and when they believe in me and let me do my thing as a professional aesthetician. That can really get the message across if I’m really passionate about a project. I feel like it shows through my content much better.”

Coming up, the influencer is furthering her educational platform by launching her “Complexions Curriculum,” which is a program where Marie teaches aestheticians about her holistic-meets-pharmaceutical technique so they can “elevate their craft to the next level.”


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