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During many devastating events, such as the Marshall Fire, donation contributions for victims are not by any means insignificant. But one important area seems to get overlooked.

Beauty and self-care products, such as makeup, skin care and hair care, can sometimes be an afterthought for necessities in these situations, but most people use them on a daily basis to feel like their best self, and Caryn Pine knows that better than anyone.

Some donated products currently housed at Broomfield makeup artist Caryn Pine’s home for her upcoming free shopping experience for Marshall Fire victims. (Sydney McDonald/Staff Writer)

As a makeup artist located in Broomfield and founder of the Colorado Pro Makeup Artist Network, Pine created the idea after hearing from multiple people affected by the fires that one thing they were lacking was beauty supplies.

Pine visited the Marshall Fire Donation and Resource Center at FlatIron Crossing soon after it opened and noticed the lack of variety in specified beauty products, as most donations focused on clothes and personal hygiene items.

“I knew there was something more I could do,” Pine said. “Being makeup artists and working in aesthetics, we get our hands on all sorts of products, PR boxes (and) supplies for our kits. I knew we could do some kind of beauty event. I talked to the director of the resource center and other people in my group about how we could impact as many people as possible.”

Pine, along with a team of colleagues and volunteers she has gathered, will host a free shopping experience at the Marshall Fire Donation and Resource Center on March 19, where qualified individuals and families who were affected by the fires can come by and receive a personalized “mini consultation,” while visiting multiple tables with different beauty products ranging from high-end and drugstore makeup, hair products and tools, and skin care for all ages and skin types.

Visitors will be given a basket and guided through product options. Pine emphasized the concept of letting people choose which table was most important to them, whether it be hair, skin or makeup, so they can prioritize which types of products they wants most.

Volunteers, who will be wearing gloves, will be available to open and help visitors sample products if needed.

Some donated products currently housed at Broomfield makeup artist Caryn Pine’s home for her upcoming free shopping experience for Marshall Fire victims. (Sydney McDonald/Staff Writer)

“We really wanted this to be a customized experience for everyone who comes by,” Pine said. “It’s about putting as much product within reason into the right hands. I want people to tell me what makes them feel the best and what’s most important to them because it’s different for everyone.”

Pine has been overwhelmed with the support she has received thus far with donations, ranging from larger beauty companies to local Colorado companies. Some native Colorado companies who’ve donated include GG Cosmetics, Intelligent Elixirs, I’m Outside and the Denver chapter of Support the Girls. Some larger, national companies include goPure Beauty, Obagi, Mario Badescu and Thrive Causemetics. She has also received multiple donations from other makeup artists, clients and companies she works with, such as ILIA Beauty.

Pine has spent the last few weeks turning her home into a supply shop, going through each donation to vet the quality and expiration dates of each product, while sorting and organizing by categories and brands.

Broomfield makeup artist Caryn Pine sorts through donated beauty products for her upcoming free shopping experience for Marshall Fire victims. (Sydney McDonald/Staff Writer)

“This event is about self care and taking care of yourself,” Pine said. “People who were affected have been so busy dealing with the immediate, and now that things are settling into a different direction people are ready to take that next step and tackle what they see and how they feel, and that’s what this is about.”

Pine is already planning a second event for April or May, as this work has set the foundation for her to continue helping out communities in need. The second event will most likely be held at a different location to allow opportunities for people who may not be able to make the first event to be a part of it.

“Necessity is calling for a second event already, so it will happen,” Pine said. “I’m also hoping in the future to continue working with other underserved communities. We want it to continue evolving.”

If you are interested in making a donation, a GoFundMe is currently set up for cash donations, or you can reach out to Pine at [email protected] For more information, visit the event Facebook page at Marshall Fire Victims- Charity Beauty Event.

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