Luxurious yoga mats to add to your rotation — and when to change it

Just like your running shoes and other fitness gear, your yoga mat should also be changed regularly. This, of course, depends on the wear and tear of the mat itself. While some yogis are on the mat as many as three times a day, others might be exercising less frequently. 

So how do you tell if it’s your last savasana with the current yoga mat? While it may be difficult to part ways with your favourite mat, pilling is always a tell-tale sign to ditch it.

Another sign of wear and tear is when there is noticeable unevenness.. You may think that it might be tough to discern (what with the mats themselves being barely 1cm thick) but you’ll feel the difference — the cushion gradually wears away over time, which could lead to you feeling less supported, or worse, causes pain and discomfort post-class. 

However, you can prolong the lives of your go-to yoga mats. With proper storage and maintenance, the mats should last longer, allowing you to continue your flow with ease. For those that live and breathe yoga, a mat hanger or a display rack are great ways to arrange and showcase your favourite mats. If you’re on the other side of the spectrum, consider having a bag to store your mat in, or even a designated drawer.

Here are some of the most luxurious yoga mats to check out for your next upgrade: 


Now that we’re in the year of the tiger, channel the roaring energy into your next practice. The MAAT Tiger Suede is an eco-friendly choice, as it’s made of sustainably-sourced natural rubber. According to their care guide, this mat is easy to care for. You can even throw it in the washing machine (delicate cycle, with cold water), and air it out in the sun to dry thoroughly. 

Enhance your mindful rituals with this luxe and biodegradable yoga mat from MAAT. If stripes aren’t your thing, the brand also has an array of other pleasing designs to fit your vibe.

The antithesis to the previous offering, this Isabel Marant mat offers a more anchoring colour in navy blue. Made with 100% polyester, it may not be the best option for the planet, but it sure will last longer compared to eco-friendly options. 

The elegantly simple model features a two-toned design, complete with the French label branded onto the front of the mat. To further emphasise the tasteful quality of this choice is its shoulder strap it comes with — boasting the fashion house’s logo as well.

Thinking of upping the ante? Then might we turn you to this fashionably sophisticated take for a yoga mat. Crafted with 100% rubber, the material offers ample support for your exercise of choice, allowing you to breeze through your downward dogs and low lunges sans the overexertion of the joints. 

With equal measure to its form and function, the cherry on top is the timeless millennial pink tone it arrives in, plus the silver-toned hardware, and the chic branded shoulder strap. 

The Canadian brand Sugarmat has several options of yoga mat thickness for your specific needs.. The 3mm variant shown here is a happy medium, providing you with enough cushion to protect the joints, all the while maintaining a sense of balance for trickier poses. 

A sight for sore eyes, the yoga mat features an exclusive abstract art by contemporary artist Julia Contacessi. Check out the rest of the offerings before you hit check out, though — there is an abundance of designs under this brand, and you might find the one (or two) in another creation. 

More is more indeed with this statement-making Versace exercising mat. Bring the Italian Maison’s air of opulence into your space (or your next class), and shed the day’s weariness away atop the 100% rubber construction. At just 4mm thick, you can practice within the comforts of your home, or take it with you on your travels, thanks to its mobility.  

One thing is for sure — this certainly brings a new meaning to Bruno Mars’s “Versace on the Floor”. 

Take cue from the ski Olympic star Eileen Gu and get into that Theragun life. Whether you’re new into the game, or a yogi that flits easily from pose to pose, this luxurious yoga mat is the perfect upgrade for you. 

Crafted thoughtfully with high-grade PU, it is lightweight and incredibly easy to travel with. And don’t fret about slipping or sliding in your practice. The mat features a non-slip super-grip high-density rubber that holds on to the floor as you power through your flow. 

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