Physician Reacts to the Most Excessive Diets

On this video, Mikhail Varshavski, DO — who goes by “Physician Mike” on social media — reacts to among the most excessive diets.

Following is a partial transcript (word that errors are attainable):

Varshavski: I’m about to observe and react to Freaky Eaters. I hate the title of the present, however let’s try if there’s any dietary worth in it. PeeWoop.

Narrator: 20-year-old Amy is hooked on cola. She drinks on common 30 cans of cola all day, each single day.

Varshavski: Wow! 30 cans. What’s it? 12 ounces per can. 30 instances 12 is 360 ounces. The two-liter is 64 ounces. That is principally 5 of these. She drinks 5 2-liters a day. Holy moly!

The primary drawback proper off the bat, an incredible quantity of added sugars in every one among these cans. If I used to be to point out you earlier than I pop up the picture right here how a lot precise sugar is added to every one among these cans, it’s going to blow your thoughts. Have a look.

Amy: Probably the most I had most likely in a day is 50 cans. I am all the time ingesting cola.

Varshavski: Additionally, not good to your tooth and never good for lots of physique components. Additionally, what else is in cola? Caffeine. That is a ton of caffeine, particularly for those who’re taking it at night time. There isn’t a method you are getting restful sleep on that a lot caffeine.

Amy: I do get drained rather a lot. I haven’t got that a lot power.

Varshavski: Since you’re not sleeping nicely. We mentioned that proper off the bat, you are having an excessive amount of caffeine too near bedtime. Then on prime of it, each time you drink this sugar… it is sugar principally. Each time you drink a cola, your sugar spikes, your insulin spikes, and also you get somewhat crash.

Narrator: Just lately, Amy had a severe well being scare when she found a lump in her chest, which her physician prompt could be because of extra caffeine.

Amy: I believe that you just drink an excessive amount of caffeine and that’s the reason you will have the tumor.

Varshavski: Maintain up. None of that is smart to me. I believe particularly with caffeine we’ve got seen research that present each a protecting impact on breast most cancers. Small uncommon research present that there isn’t any change in breast density for premenopausal ladies like herself. I do not purchase that that tumor or mass was brought on by caffeine itself. I’ve simply by no means heard of a case like that. Might have contributed because of an unhealthy life-style? Sure. However because of, because of, no.

Wow, that is a whole lot of cola. That is a whole lot of sugar.

Amy: Wow!

J. J. Virgin: 950 kilos of sugar is what you get in your cola every year.

Varshavski: I do not suppose that is comprehensible to the human thoughts. However they find it irresistible for the dramatic results so they may stand within the yard and be like, “Wow.”

J.J Virgin: What we see proper right here is you are already a pre-diabetic.

Varshavski: If this can be a fasting, blood sugar, the glucose vary places her in a pre-diabetic vary at being at 115. Additionally, I am very, very shocked that her triglycerides are so low. Triglycerides is what you’ll count on to be excessive in an individual who has uncontrolled or poorly-controlled sugar, or a excessive consumption of sugar, as a result of the physique shops sugar by way of triglycerides within the blood. However the pre-diabetic factor ought to scare her as a result of whereas pre-diabetes does not imply diabetes, it’s curable at that stage. When you grow to be a diabetic, you are diabetic for all times. Your threat elements change.

Narrator: 24-year-old Michael lives on meat. He averages as much as 150 kilos month-to-month. That is equal to an astounding 1,800 kilos a yr.

Varshavski: The actual drawback with overeating meat is your overexposure to saturated fat. If you happen to’re consuming a sizzling canine, you are additionally consuming a whole lot of carbs. Not solely are you overeating carbohydrates which were bleached, due to this fact quickly transformed to glucose after which quickly saved as fats for those who do not eat it, you are additionally consuming saturated fat. All of that finally ends up elevating your unhealthy ldl cholesterol numbers, your triglycerides places you at elevated threat for coronary heart illness, stroke, and something with cardiovascular circumstances.

Narrator: In in the future, Michael can put away as a lot as 5 quarter pound sizzling canine, a rack of ribs, two steaks, and as much as 30 chickens wings.

Varshavski: Pink meat is a possibly carcinogen. Prefer it’s nonetheless not all the way in which there. It is like suspected. However the ones which are suspected are the processed meats like the recent canine and the hen wings. You wish to keep away from these and eat these… like virtually do away with them completely. However often if you are going to a soccer sport and you’ve got a wing, to me I believe that is an affordable steadiness.

Dr. Dow: I’m a licensed psychotherapist, specializing in consuming problems and addictive behaviors.

J.J. Virgin: J.J. Virgin, I am an authorized vitamin specialist and an authorized well being and health specialist. This can be a ridiculous quantity of hen wings.

Varshavski: I do not just like the confrontational nature straight away. You’ll be able to’t are available to a healthcare encounter with that form of perspective and hope for good outcomes. You are establishing the encounter for failure proper from the beginning while you are available judgmental like that.

Feminine: This may be dinner.

J.J. Virgin: Two and a half kilos of meat proper right here.

Varshavski: Two and a half kilos of meat is a whole lot of meat. After we are speaking a few portion of meat, it needs to be round 6 ounces actually like a fist quantity.

Dr. Dow: That’s one-month price of your meat consumption.

Varshavski: The place is that this? The place is that this being filmed that they simply jammed all of this meat in there? Outdoors of being a cool visible for TV, I do not understand how this helps change his thoughts. Like if I am him, I see it and go, “Okay, and?”

Michael: It appears good.

J.J. Virgin: You suppose this appears good?

Varshavski: Yeah. That is what I used to be going to say. Like, how do they suppose this is able to flip him off?

J.J. Virgin: We see this AA:EPA ratio, which tells you the chance of coronary heart illness.

Varshavski: What is that this that they are ? That is an anti-gliadin immunology blood check that tells you whether or not or not you will have antibodies to gluten. What does this inform him about his meat consumption? These usually are not the lab checks that I’d present. The check I’d present him is his LDL, his triglycerides are going to be fairly excessive. Having actually elevated triglycerides places you at a threat for pancreatitis, which is usually a life-threatening situation requiring an ICU keep.

J.J. Virgin: You are 24 with excessive threat of coronary heart illness.

Varshavski: Yeah. What she was saying and what they had been displaying all make no sense. Her precise assertion is ok. He’s at greater threat, however not for the explanations that they simply confirmed.

Mike Varshavski, DO, is a board-certified household doctor and social media influencer with greater than 8.7 million subscribers.

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