Spouse’s abuse of medication imperils a household in ache

Pricey Abby: I’m on hydrocodone for my again ache, and my spouse retains taking my medicine as a result of she says her again hurts. I’ve threatened to depart her, flip her in to the police and inform our youngsters. She quits stealing the meds for some time after which begins up once more. What can I do? Ought to I flip her in to the police or what?

— In Ache in Indiana

Pricey In Ache: Don’t flip your spouse in to the police. Take management of your drugs and preserve them someplace she will’t pilfer them till you not want them. Inform your physician that your spouse has been stealing your ache meds and seems to have developed an dependancy. If she hasn’t already, she ought to have a physician diagnose and deal with her again ache individually from yours.

Pricey Abby: An adopted member of the family tragically misplaced a detailed member of her organic household some time in the past. Her grief has been intense, and he or she continues to air it on social media. The remainder of us have been drenched in her tears lengthy sufficient. She must get on along with her life, which features a husband, two youngsters and an adoptive household that has cherished and supported her via her time of grief. What could be a sort and tactful solution to let her know she has overstayed her time on the pity potty?

— Sufficient Already in Montana

Pricey Sufficient Already: NO! Please don’t do this. Everybody grieves in a different way. Some heal shortly; others by no means recover from their loss. As a result of you may not deal with the poor lady’s grief, give up studying her posts. Essentially the most useful factor you might supply her could be to recommend she ask her physician or her religious adviser concerning the varied grief help teams in her space.

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