THIS Is Why I Preach Living An Active Lifestyle For Mental Health.

Chris and I have been sitting down and talking about how we can reach our fitness goals.

I follow a more unconventional approach to fitness coaching, as I focus on helping people battle depression and anxiety.

Consistency to an entire diet and workout plan is always a challenge for those dealing with depression and anxiety.

I know because I have been there.

Because of this, I tend to help people with a more flexible approach to exercise and nutrition.

Here’s what Chris had to say so far with our journey together.

Chris is going to win BIG.

Let me tell you some of the things we’ve been doing to help him reach his weight loss and mental health goals.

Chris’ Diet

Nutrition plays a huge part in our mental health.

Research has shown that those who have more whole foods compared to processed ones report fewer depressive symptoms.

Most of the time, we all know what is healthy and what is unhealthy.

In the past, Chris told me about the diets he was on: from 500 calorie diets to various other methods.

They weren’t sustainable for him.

So we tried the approach of making small adjustments over time.

For example, as he mentioned, he would drink a lot of Coke throughout the day for flavor.

Regular coke contains a lot of sugar and calories.

The next best alternative to that is a Diet Coke or a Coke Zero because it contains little to zero calories.

This simple adjustment will help him lose weight in the grand scheme of things.

What’s important to understand is that the path to a healthy body and mind requires a lifestyle change.

You can’t go back to the habits you had when you started the diet before.

Every week or so, we slowly drift further away from the more processed or high-calorie foods.

Chris’ goal is to essentially bring his processed food intake to one meal per week, what we would call the “Free Meal”.

A Free Meal is a one untracked meal of Chris’ choice that he will use as a reward for the week.

Chris’ Exercise

Exercise also plays a big part in mental health as well, as various studies and even a recent report has shown.

With exercise, I like to start with a flexible approach as well because our lives are busy… and with depression and anxiety, some days we feel a bit better than most.

Sometimes we can’t make an exercise day.

So with Chris, I told him his goal is to get four exercise days in the week.

It did not matter what days they were, as long as he can check off four exercise days.

For starters, we started off with two resistance training sessions at the gym: one upper body day, and one lower body day.

I like the Upper/Lower training split because it allows for some days off in between.

If you miss your upper body day, you can do it the following day.

The other two days were cardiovascular or high-intensity days.

Chris enjoys hiking for the scenery, so we implemented one day for hiking.

The other cardiovascular day is a session on the Peloton.

As long as he hits these four days, he hits his goals.

Over time, we add more intensity through the weight sessions or the Peloton session to challenge ourselves more.

Chris Will Win BIG

Chris is going to reach his weight loss goal.

It’s guaranteed because he keeps pushing forward.

A few weeks ago, he had one rough day that hit him for four days straight.

What he did was get right back on track after.

I told him that next time this happens, his goal is to make it so that there are only two or three consecutive bad days instead of four.

That is progress.

And you can see this progress in his weight loss, even after the bad days.

Chris is going to win.

Some of the strategies Chris is implementing come from our 3 Hacks That Boost Mood Fitness Startup Guide.

You can grab yours by signing up to our mental health email list here!

Continue to read these posts and watch Chris’ journey on our YouTube channel.

We talk about strategies he can implement, and how you can do these strategies yourself.

I want to see all of you healthier and happier.

You all deserve it.

Until next time!

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